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Majority of Republican State Central Committee Endorse Klairdes for Senate

MADISON, CT— Themis Klarides, House Republican Leader and candidate for US Senate, released the names of 40 Republican State Central Committee members, representing over half of the committee’s membership.

“I am honored to have the support of so many State Central Committee members who are ready to send a proven problem solver to Washington and retire Dick Blumenthal, once and for all,” said Klarides.

Klarides continued, “Connecticut families are paying more at the supermarket as we face the highest inflation rates in forty years, while Democrats in Washington continue to push for trillions more in spending. Overseas, our disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal has opened the door to adversaries like Russia and China who threaten the peace and stability across the globe. Where is Dick Blumenthal in all of this? Nowhere to be seen. We cannot afford to send another partisan politician down to Washington when we need problem solvers who know how to bring people together.”

State Representative and State Central Committee member, Rosa Rebimbas, added, “Themis is the candidate who can bring the fight to Dick Blumenthal and hold him accountable for his inaction and partisan voting record. I have seen firsthand her ability to bring people together to get tough things done. This is something that is sorely missing in Washington.”

Former CTGOP Executive Director and State Central Committee member, Bryan Cafferelli continued, “Connecticut Republicans have their best chance in over a decade to win a US Senate seat, something we have not done since 1982. We need to unify around Themis and focus our energies on defeating Dick Blumenthal in November—not needlessly attacking each other which only serves as a distraction from our main goal.”

This initial release shows early strength for Klarides’ US Senate campaign, which was announced the previous Sunday morning.

Patrick Pentalow 1st Senate District

Dwight Bolton 1st Senate District

Sarah Muska 3rd Senate District

Lou Spadaccini 4th Senate District

Greg Hall 5th Senate District

Dennis Swanton 5th Senate District

Proloy Das 8th Senate District

Brian Werstler 8th Senate District

Pankaj Prakash 9th Senate District

Al Calandro 10th Senate District

Kathy Hoyt 11th Senate District

Lisa Milone 11th Senate District

Chris D’Addio 14th Senate District Win Smith 14th Senate District

Bill Kolo 15th Senate District

Rosa Rebimbas 15th Senate District

Chuck Pyne 17th Senate District

Kim Kiernan 17th Senate District

Brett Mastroianni 18th Senate District

Ed Aledia 20th Senate District

Gary DeFillippo 21st Senate District

Chris Silhavey 21st Senate District

Carl Massaro 22nd Senate District

Casimir Mizera 23rd Senate District

Michael McLachlan 24th Senate District

Marcy Minnick 25th Senate District

Will Duff 26th Senate District Tracy Marra 27th Senate District

Andy Wainwright 27th Senate District

Bill Brimmer 28th Senate District

Bryan Cafferelli 28th Senate District

George Temple 32nd Senate District

David Schultz 32nd Senate District

Irene Haines 33rd Senate District

Harry Ruppenicker 33rd Senate District

Steven Miller 34th Senate District

Larry Zabrowski 34th Senate District

Lisa Burns 35th Senate District

Ken Langille Young Republicans

Glenn Prushinski College Republicans