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ICYMI: Themis Klarides' Statement on SOTU Address

Last night, Themis Klarides put out the following statement:

“Tonight, President Biden offered few words and little direction on how he will provide immediate relief to millions of American families who are facing record inflation, rising food and gas prices, and soaring costs of living.

President Biden had a chance to change course and offer a vision that brought people together, instead he doubled down on a progressive wish list that Americans overwhelmingly oppose.

While Putin and his thugs continue their advance on Ukraine against brave resistance, President Biden still allows the sale and importation of Russian oil which funds the slaughter in Ukraine.

We needed real solutions to address energy independence, inflation, and border security, but tonight we received tired slogans and empty words. It should be no surprise that one of the first members to congratulate the President on his speech was Dick Blumenthal, who votes with Biden almost 100% of the time. We deserve better.”