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Themis Klarides Statement on Washington's Inaction on Gas Prices

For Immediate Release

June 21, 2022

MADISON, CT; Themis Klarides, the Connecticut Republican Party’s endorsed U.S. Senate candidate, this morning released the following statement in response to President Biden, Dick Blumenthal, and the radical Green New Dealers’ ongoing war on domestic energy producers.

“Two weeks ago, President Biden laid out his ‘plan’ to fight inflation: tax more, spend more, blame the Federal Reserve. Perhaps realizing that dog won’t hunt, President Biden last week took a page out of Dick Blumenthal’s playbook and sent the oil companies nasty letters, blaming their shareholders and corporate greed instead,” said Klarides. “Yesterday, President Biden did another about-face, floating gas tax holidays or gas rebate cards—methods that do nothing to encourage production, and instead simply directly subsidize the oil companies. The buck has to stop with President Biden and his Congressional enablers like Dick Blumenthal. The finger-pointing and incoherent strategy is unacceptable.”

“We must address the key cause of high gas prices—insufficient and overly-costly production. Name calling won’t do it, nor will feel-good publicity stunts. As your Senator, I will demand Congress vote to authorize critical energy infrastructure projects, facilitating streamlined permitting review. I will introduce legislation lifting development restrictions on federal lands and waters, as well as reinstating canceled sales and leases. I will work to reduce or eliminate steel tariffs, making cheaper a critical component of energy production and transportation. As your Senator, I would take action, not point fingers. I would stand up to President Biden, not stand up in front of a television camera,” continued Klarides. “In times of crisis, the Dick Blumenthal show stops being cute and deserves being canceled.”

Themis Klarides is the former Connecticut House Republican Leader, the first woman elected to that position. She was overwhelmingly endorsed by the Connecticut Republican Party at the party convention in May. She is seeking the U.S. Senate seat held by 37-year entrenched politician Dick Blumenthal.